The Tower of Pisa — The Witness of the Middle Ages: Ticket & Audio Tour

The Tower of Pisa — The Witness of the Middle Ages: Ticket & Audio Tour
Duration: About 1 hour 30 minutes
In English language


  • Climb the famous leaning tower of Pisa and see in details the roof of the Cattedrale di Pisa
  • Find out the full story of why the tower started to tilt and why it is not falling now
  • Discover the masterpieces of Pisan Roman style on the territory of the complex


Imagine we suddenly found ourselves sailing on the medieval Pisan fleet — about to be captivated by history. On the horizon: the breathtaking view of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta with the Leaning Tower and other ancient buildings. You’ll see the cathedral with the Baptistery and its bell tower. On the north side, there are parts of the ancient walls, the Monumental gate (called Porta del Leone) and the buildings of the Camposanto and the Ospedale of Santo Spirito. On the opposite side you’ll find the Sinopie Museum and the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo. The visit starts from the tower, which is the focus of the tour and continues to the cathedral and other monuments. From the top of the tower, just for a moment, you could get lost in time to venture into the lesser-known meanders of culture. Please consider that our path starts from the tower, which we will visit, up to its top. In this tour, we will not go into detail of the other buildings of the square, but we will give a general description, to frame the construction in the historical vision of the square itself.

What’s included

Tickets provided by Tiqets
  • Recommendations on nice and cozy places to visit after the tour
  • Fast-track access to the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • Fast-track access to the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption
  • Headphones — bring your own

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