The Houston Pass

Дата размещения: 23.07.2021

Houston, we have a problem – there are too many amazing things to do in the city! Luckily, the Houston Pass gives you streamlined access to all of the best local attractions in one easy package. See the Houston Museum of Natural Science (including the spectacular butterfly center), visit Space Center Houston and get a NASA tram tour, gaze up at the stars at the Burke Baker Planetarium, and top it all off with a 10% discount code on any other Houston-based product on Tiqets.

Houston Museum of Natural Science

Whether you’re looking for ancient gold, Fabergé eggs, or a record-breaking marlin, you’ll be able to find it (and more) at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Admire the fascinating permanent exhibits, observe the Earth’s rotation with a huge Foucault pendulum, and see real dinosaur skeletons.

Cockrell Butterfly Center at Houston Museum of Natural Science

After all that scientific excitement, it’s time to set your heart aflutter. Kids (and adults) can live out their Disney princess fantasies and let beautiful butterflies of all different sizes and colors land on them, before learning all about the fascinating world of insects at the ‘Amazing World of Arthropods’ and ‘Beeyond’ exhibits.

Space Center Houston: General Admission + NASA Tram Tour

Enjoy fast-track entrance to Space Center Houston, and discover what life was like for some of history’s most daring astronauts. Enter a replica of the Independence shuttle, get up close to authentic suits worn in space, and learn more about the future of space travel. You’ll also get to enjoy Space Center Houston’s most popular attraction: a tram tour that lets you explore a real-life NASA facility!

Burke Baker Planetarium

If Space Center Houston made you want to explore the mysteries of the universe, you’re in luck. The Burke Baker Planetarium will let you choose from a range of different cinematic experiences, all of which will make you feel like you’re floating through space. Watch the universe unfold all around you without needing to go through all those years of astronaut training.

Personal 10% Discount Code

Get even more fun in Houston with a personal 10% discount code on any other product listed on Tiqets, including classic American folk art at the Orange Show and the Beer Can House. Discount codes can be used 5 times per person.

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