Rome Tourist Card

Дата размещения: 23.07.2021

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but you can see the best bits of it in one! Snap up the Rome Tourist Card and you’ll get everything you need to explore Rome’s top highlights. You can even choose the order you see things in, making it perfect for planning your own custom adventure.

Make like a gladiator at the Colosseum, imagine the political discussions that once went on at Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum, step into the pristine St. Peter’s Basilica, learn more about the Pantheon, and pop in to see where the Pope hangs out at the Vatican. Just wait until you see the Sistine Chapel!

Visit the Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill:

Experience Ancient Rome on a self-guided walking tour of the Palatine Hill, Roman Forum and Colosseum. Your audio guide will bring the past to life as you take in the sights at Rome’s most famous attractions. Uncover the secrets of the Roman Empire, witness the tomb of Julius Caesar, and imagine yourself as a Roman wandering Via Sacra, the main street of ancient Rome, which winds from the top of the Capitoline Hill down through some of the Forum’s most important religious sites.

St. Peter’s Basilica:

The ultimate symbol of the Vatican, this masterpiece of Renaissance architecture is one of the most beautiful buildings in Rome. It also has a history stretching back 2,000 years! Did you know that each and every single one of the “paintings” in the Basilica is actually a mosaic, pieced together in intricate detail? Learn more fun facts as you go along with your expert guide.

Vatican & Sistine Chapel:

The Sistine Chapel is part of the Vatican Museums, but luckily your Rome Tourist Card gets you access to it all. Explore the official residence of the Pope, and plug into the audio guide for information on the frescoes that completely cover the walls and the ceiling. Botticelli, Perugino, Signorelli and Michelangelo all had a hand in the finished masterpiece.

Self-Guided Tour of the Pantheon:

With its roots dating back to Ancient Rome, this legendary site is free to access – but it’s also full of hidden history and secrets that aren’t so easy to uncover. Your self-guided audio tour will let you hear fascinating facts and stories about this iconic Roman landmark, which was converted into a Catholic church in 609 AD.

Audio Guide Extras:

Don’t know your Claudius from your Tiberius? You’ll get an audio guide for each destination included with each ticket, so prepare to be transported as you walk into the world of ancient Rome! On top of that, you’ll enjoy an in-depth guide to Rome itself, featuring commentary on over 130 hotspots.

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