Naples City Card

Дата размещения: 23.07.2021

So, pizza comes first, naturally, but after a slice of the city’s finest, what do you do next in Naples? Luckily we’ve got the best of the top attractions all wrapped in one package, taking the stress out of your decision making. Now you can visit Pompeii, the Catacombs of San Gaudioso and Naples Underground with one easy, downloadable ticket!

Pompeii + Audio Guide

Wander around the lost city of Pompeii with an optional audio guide and listen to astonishing stories! Learn how the city perished in the disastrous eruption of Mount Vesuvius, and all about its subsequent discovery and excavation. Visit old dwellings, fountains, statues, public baths, aqueducts, and the city amphitheater. And see haunting casts of the bodies that were found at the site. With one easy ticket to Pompeii you’ll be transported back in time, and into the lives of the city’s residents, moments before things got heated… literally.

Catacombs of San Gaudioso: Guided Visit

Just below the bustling Sanità district lie thousands of years of Neapolitan history, and a feeling of Halloween all-year-long. Witness the final resting place of bishop Saint Gaudiosus, as well as many noble families and important Christian figures. Let your local expert lead the way around one of the world’s creepiest collections of art, with frescoes that incorporate real skulls and bones to honor the dead!

Naples Underground

Imagine having a house with a hatch under the bed for exclusive access to the ancient theater of Neapolis! Don’t just imagine it, see it for yourself on this special tour beneath the streets of Naples. Join a guide and see parts of Naples few get to see, like the place where theater lover Emperor Nero had a private dressing room. See the ancient aqueduct, responsible for providing Naples with water for 23 centuries, and visit the Bourbon period drains covered in cool blue tiles – you won’t believe how vivid the colors are this far underground!

Personal 10% Discount Code

Your Naples Pass also comes with a 10% discount to other venues in the city, such as the Herculaneum, Hop-on Hop-off Bus, and the Royal Palace of Casserta. You can use your code up to five times.

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