Medellín City Card

Дата размещения: 23.07.2021

There’s loads to do in Colombia’s lively Medellín, but to help you get started, we’ve combined the best bits in one easy package. The Medellín City Card brings you art and culture, walks in nature, aquatic action and… poisonous frogs? Don’t worry, they’re in a conservation park!

Snap up this family-friendly ticket to Medellín’s top attractions, including Parque de la Conservación Medellín, Parque Explora, the Museum of Antioquia, the Medellín Museum of Modern Art, and a tour of the picturesque Parque Arví.

Parque de la Conservación Medellín:

Meet the animals at Colombia’s top conservation park, where reptiles, birds, mammals and amphibians make for an educational day out for the whole family. See vultures with more than three meters of coverage between their wings, and monkeys as small as your hand! Admire the amphibians (like poisonous tree frogs) and get up close to invertebrates including colorful butterflies, all in the heart of Medellín.

Parque Explora:

Press your nose to the glass of South America’s largest freshwater aquarium and say hi to the fascinating inhabitants of Parque Explora’s lively vivarium. Here, budding scientists can play a unique role in scientific experiments, with hands-on activities dedicated to biodiversity, neuroscience, relativity, thermodynamics, and physics. Who says education has to be boring?!

Museum of Antioquia:

Immerse yourself in the history of Colombia through the artwork of Fernando Botero, Pedro Nel Gómez, and more, and cast your eyes on one of the best collections of pre-Hispanic artifacts at the Museum of Antioquia – symbolic of a revitalized Medellín. There’s a stunning collection to explore detailing the Pre-Columbian era, the colonial period and beyond, across 17 impressive rooms.

Medellín Museum of Modern Art:

Learn all about the region’s creative spirit with a self-guided look around the Medellín Museum of Modern Art. See work by some of the most famous Colombian artists, enjoy amazing city views from the outdoor terraces, and immerse yourself in a unique collection of modern masterpieces presented in a cool and quiet atmosphere.

Parque Arví Tour (Hike):

Medellín’s enormous nature reserve and public park, Parque Arví, is a wonderland of wildlife – it features everything from birds to rare butterflies, alongside some truly striking scenery. Hike your way through this oasis in the hills on a Parque Arví tour and uncover the history and ecology of the 39,500-acre park, known as one of Colombia’s richest outdoor spaces. Your English and Spanish-speaking guide will lead the way.

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